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  • A Eulogy for My Grandma

    My grandma was a faithful reader of this blog. I’m going to miss her comments moving forward. This is the eulogy I shared at her funeral services this weekend: I was born two months before my grandma, Juanita Alloway, turned 50. She died 45 years later, just three months after our final conversation – an interview for […]

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  • Becoming a Sew-and-Sew

    So (sew?) I did it…I finally purchased my very first new-to-me sewing machine. [ Insert angelic chorus here. ] For years, I’ve used hand-me-downs from my mom and my mother-in-law. While those machines performed admirably, they both eventually stopped functioning in frustratingly basic areas. Like the machine that wouldn’t backstitch. And the other machine that wouldn’t […]

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  • Two Weeks (Plus Some) Later

    I had my second round of stitches removed just over two weeks ago. Scar 2.0 isn’t nearly as “pretty” as Scar 1.0. Those are the breaks, I guess, when you have to have surgery on top of surgery. It’s angry and red, far bumpier and sensitive to the touch. Vanity, vanity…thy name is Shannah. And […]