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  • January Wrap Up

    Gosh – staying on top of documenting our coming-and-goings is so much easier if I just save up and write about it once a month. This could become a thing. New work website (Yay!) Celebrating new work website (Double yay!) New work podcast (so fun!) Houston Marathon Dallas Galloway End-of-Season Party Craft Beer Tour – […]

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  • A Honey of a Tour

    We’ve purchased Desert Creek Honey since 2008 to help with Kelly’s allergies. Plus local natural honey is just yum for cooking. I’ve written many times about how much we love to tour factories – if there’s a chance to see how something is made, we are THERE. I’m sure part of my fascination with watch-it-made […]

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  • Garza Blanca – The Great Hayley Getaway

    The Hayleys needed a vacation. Work has been epically busy, plus our Galloway running group duties and a host of other things we’ve said yes to over time. Then there’s the whole, Hey – we haven’t been on a proper vacation in over two years thing. That’s how we found ourselves in Mexico right after Thanksgiving. We found a beautiful resort, Garza Blanca, owned by the same group which owns Sierra Lago where we’d enjoyed a wonderful vacation several years ago. Garza Blanca didn’t disappoint.