• Work
  • Making Something Old New Again

    Our office suite was terrible. Really terrible. A mishmash of furniture – leftovers, really – thrown into an available space. Cubicles set up haphazardly, without thought to who sat where. Team members scattered, spare cubicles filled with items never sorted or stored. What.A.Mess. Getting the office sorted was a priority of mine and fortunately, my arrival coincided with a long-planned remodel of the entire building.

  • Etc
  • Adding Some Sparkle

    I’m all in favor of simple things to keep you feeling your best – emphasis on┬ásimple. You won’t find me doing anything extreme and, thanks to my lovely naturally strawberry blonde hair, that includes any dye jobs. But whitening my teeth to combat any yellowing caused by my love for coffee? YES. When I told […]

  • Travel
  • Garza Blanca – The Great Hayley Getaway

    The Hayleys needed a vacation. Work has been epically busy, plus our Galloway running group duties and a host of other things we’ve said yes to over time. Then there’s the whole, Hey – we haven’t been on a proper vacation in over two years thing. That’s how we found ourselves in Mexico right after Thanksgiving. We found a beautiful resort, Garza Blanca, owned by the same group which owns Sierra Lago where we’d enjoyed a wonderful vacation several years ago. Garza Blanca didn’t disappoint.