A Different POV of NYC

I went on a whirlwind trip to NYC for a meeting.

A meeting with Waze, which is owned by Google. THIS IS GOOGLE!!!

But first – when we arrived, we spent time with the Port Authority of New York. My former design-construction industry nerdiness came out in how much I enjoyed this part of the trip.

The Port Authority gave us a tour of their lower Manhattan assets and talked about how they manage them, along with (to the point of our meeting) a discussion of how they attempt to mitigate the effects of traffic.

Just a side note: When the next two buildings come online in the World Trade Center site, the Oculus (the gorgeous building below) will see 250,000 transiting through EVERY DAY.

But to the point of my meeting:

We’re focused on building smart partnerships where we can use data to mitigate congestion, both through communication and real-time traffic analytics.

Thank you, NYC and Waze for a great trip – we have LOTS of work to do now that we’re back home!

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