Thou Shalt Rest – So Sayeth The Husband

Last week sucked on some pretty epic levels. By the time I got home Friday, Kelly looked at me and said:

This weekend, I want you to rest. Nothing else.

Rain Saturday morning – actually, thunder and lightning – made rest all the more possible. We had to cancel our Dallas Galloway group run. I coped by going back to bed and sleeping until almost noon. Oliver joined me and I might have slept even longer if he hadn’t woken me up by giving me a bath. On my lips.


Anyway, after a bubble bath and an easy-to-read book (The Things They Carried…you should read it!), we headed out for a wonderful Italian meal at North Italia. I fell asleep reading The Other Einstein (a book-in-hand is the perfect way to fall asleep, if you ask me) and got another 8 hours of rest.

Sunday was mostly lazy, other than the normal Sunday routine plus a 10-mile run which needed to get done. I read a bit more and caught up on a year-and-a-half of scrapbooking. That was the best feeling. I’m now completely sold-out to using services like Shutterfly to quickly produce scrapbooks. If you wait for a coupon, it’s an affordable way to capture a year’s worth of photos.

I think it’s safe to say I did exactly what Kelly asked me to do and I did it Shannah-style.

Bring on the new week!



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