Being Unreasonable

We’ve been looking for the right church home for some time. It’s a long story – we’re happy to tell it offline if you’re truly interested.

Then life happened and bad habits happened and somehow, we just never seemed to get back into church. We finally decided enough was quite enough and we needed to get back into a faith community.

But then came unreasonableness – or so we thought.

  • We want to be in a small town-style church even though we live in a big city.
  • We want to be in a completely mixed congregations, from age to ethnicity.
  • We want people to know our names.
  • We don’t want awkward “people here dress like this” rules.
  • We’d like to stay in the denomination we grew up in.
  • We want a church committed to home Bible studies – and consistency of teaching in those home groups.
  • We want good Bible teaching.
  • We want to be close to home.

Totally unreasonable, right? Apparently not.

It turns out with God all things are possible.

Thanks, Prairie Creek Baptist Church.


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