Making a Clean Sweep of It

Update on my housecleaning conundrum (detailed in this November 2016 post):

Our fantastic Hire a Cleaning Service lasted less than six months. Quality of cleaning went downhill over time (never awful, just incomplete). Then bizarrely, when we cancelled a service in order to travel for my Grandma’s funeral, the service never started back up.


While pondering the increasingly dirty state of my home, I listened to an interview with Melissa Maker on Young House Love’s podcast. Melissa Maker runs the website Clean My Space.

This interview changed my life. And the Hayley House.

Melissa teaches people how to clean. She posts regular YouTube videos explaining technique – and it turns out technique is what makes cleaning easy (or hard). Who knew you should use an S pattern instead of buffing? Who could have guessed “dwell time” mattered so much?

So we’re now cleaning the Clean My Space way and it’s a breeze. I can’t believe I’ve suffered for so many years cleaning the wrong way.

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