Getting Started with Getting Started Training

We’re trying something new with Dallas Galloway this spring: A Getting Started 5k Training program.

We thought it might be fun to see if there was any interest in a 5k training program for new or new-back-to-running runners. Plus we wondered if we could start to build a base of runners closer to home for us (not that there’s anything wrong with Dallas, but it can be a long drive every Saturday).

To our surprise, we had 10 runners sign up for our first-ever session. (YAY!) It’s been a fun group to get to know.

We meet weekly for 8 weeks. The final week – week 8 – is a 5k race that we run together because THEY CAN DO IT! Each week Kelly leads a mini-clinic on a different running topic, from clothing to race etiquette and everything in between.

It’s been awesome.

Blurry because I had my phone in-pocket while I was out for a pre-clinic run. Oops!

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