Rocking Little Rock with Dallas Galloway

Members of our Dallas Galloway Trekkers pace group wanted to run Little Rock and asked if we would join them.

Since this feels a little like teenagers wanting to hang out with mom and dad, we OF COURSE said yes!

Seriously, though, this is a fun group to hang out with and makes for our second race of the running “year” completed with Dallas Galloway members (we did Wineglass in the fall with our Rebel and Whino pace groups).

If you’re road tripping together, of course you must carbo-load together using your favorite methodology…

I was shocked to discover the Little Rock Half and Full Marathons were completely organized by the Little Rock Parks and Recreation department. As a local government staffer and a runner, I know all too well how much work goes into putting on a race of this magnitude while still having to manage everyday responsibilities.

Even more remarkable: This was one of the best races I’ve run. Great crowd support throughout, a fun course, good food at the end and they’ve even organized a Lipstick Stop right before the end so you can get a photo-worthy touch-up before rounding the corner to the finish.

It was a cold and rainy day. I had no regrets choosing to run the half instead of the full. In fact, I’ve decided I’m going to focus most of my races on this distance because it’s more enjoyable for me. I’ll do one full a year if Kelly runs with me to help me hit a time goal or if it is a marquee race (like NYC).

Speaking of the weather, it’s the only explanation I have for why Kelly, who planned to run a “slow” 5-hour marathon “for fun,” cruised to a none-to-shabby 3:55 marathon instead.


I barely got showered and back on course just in time (literally) to see him at mile 26. I had to run – not a happy thing post-race – to meet up with him at the finish line. He didn’t care.

The Little Rock medals are the bomb. The full medal is larger than a dinner plate – the half is no small beast either, although it looks like a small sucker compared to the full.

Really – bigger than both of our hands.

Great race, Little Rock! And great times with the Dallas Galloway running family.

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