Quick Fixer-Upper for the USPS

The latest quick improvement at the Hayley House wasn’t really for the USPS – it was for the Hayleys.

I was tired of the over-eager spring-loaded flag in our (otherwise wonderful) locking mailbox popping out all the time. I’m pretty sure the mail carrier didn’t even check to see if we actually had mail to collect anymore.

I was also tired of giving first-time visitors instructions to find the house by counting down our location on the street. As in: We’re the X house on the left when you approach from the west.

Time to make some adjustments!

Reflective numbers can be very – there’s no other phrase for it – Duct Tape Bob. They look tacky, in my opinion. I did a bit of searching and found a great Etsy vendor who would customize numbers in a variety of super-cool fonts and could make them out of reflective vinyl.

Click-customize-sold! Just four days later I had my hands on numbers for both sides of the mailbox and just had to wait for a reasonably warm day to put them on.

While the vinyl was getting a nice strong hold, I also spent some time unspringing the spring-loaded flag. Now we can pull it out when we have mail to set out, which is never because I’d rather take my mail directly to the Post Office for collection.

It’s shocking how 15 minutes can easily fix a problem which has bugged you for  three years.

You didn’t think I’d show our house number, did you?

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