Running For Chocolate

We recently ran the Hot Chocolate 15k for the 2nd year.

I wasn’t really in the mood to run and I don’t particularly like chocolate, but neither of those factors has ever stopped me from showing up. Plus I had friends waiting – even though I no-show them fairly regularly on Monday runs.

But that’s a confession for another post.

And, as is typical, Kelly abandoned me to my friends at the race to do his own thing.

Let’s summarize our running relationship:

  • We arrive together.
  • He abandons me in order to actually focus on having an incredible race.
  • I hang out with friends and have fun traipsing through the course.
  • We leave together.

It’s a sure-fire formula for run-romance success.

As hoped-for, he had an incredible race. Just look at him self-cheering as he crosses the finish line.

Rocky pose, runner-style.

This picture is everything. Kelly should make it the cover photo for his never-used Twitter account.

Meanwhile, many many many minutes later, I’m photographed crossing the finish line – with my friends thankyouverymuch – and immediately check my watch as though I care about my time. In reality, I’m focused on making sure I turn it off so it doesn’t look like my race was longer than it really was.

But hey – we had FUN. And we all finished together, along with another person we picked up along the way. So you be the judge of who had a better race.

And that chocolate business? I drank the hot chocolate (it was a cold morning) and ate my banana. But it’s still a fun race.

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