Adding Some Sparkle

I’m all in favor of simple things to keep you feeling your best – emphasis on simple. You won’t find me doing anything extreme and, thanks to my lovely naturally strawberry blonde hair, that includes any dye jobs.

But whitening my teeth to combat any yellowing caused by my love for coffee? YES.

When I told Kelly to come along with me, he just said: I’ve very against this. What’s next, botox?

He didn’t appreciate my joking yes response. Seriously…I was kidding. Kind of.

Anyway, teeth whitening is a no-big-deal experience (thanks to my teammate Todd for reassuring me and connecting me with a great tech!). Just 40 minutes in a chair with a non-toxic gel and a LED light and you’re done.

Simple and effective!

The tech will tell you that your teeth might feel a bit twinge-y for a day or so. If you’re wondering why, yur teeth hurt because the process dehydrates them. As your saliva re-mineralizes your teeth over the following 24ish hours post-treatment, the pain goes away. During this time it’s also important not to drink or eat anything that, if spilled on your shirt, would cause a stain. So if you must have coffee (raises hand) or wine (raises other hand), drink through a straw for a day or two.

Now to think more about that botox…

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