Bucket List Trip | Niagara Falls

While we were in upstate New York for the Wineglass marathon, we made a slight detour north to visit Niagara Falls. Because, you know, NIAGARA FALLS!!!

Like many other natural sites we’ve visited over the years, we discovered the falls were smaller than we thought – but they were incredibly impressive all the same.

Everyone told us to visit the Canadian side because it was more impressive. This is the view from the American side – “more impressive” means you get a broader view.



Here’s a tip: Book a trip on the Maid of the Mist boat and you’ll get a full-on view of the falls. No need to cross the border, unless you simply want to.


The boat ride gets you very very wet, because you sail right up to the base of the falls. Into the mist. But they give you ponchos to wear. It’s very exciting.



It’s best to stand in the prow of the boat, up top. While you get wet, you have an uninterrupted amazing view.


But photos can be tough because it’s very windy, too.


But did I mention AWESOME???!!!


After the Maid of the Mist boat ride, we hiked up the lower side of the falls for a different view.0


It was also awesome.



Niagara Falls is definitely a bucket list place to visit. I’m glad we made the time during a marathon travel trip.

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