A New New Year’s Run

For six years we ran the New Year’s Day 5-miler as a way to kick off the year with a bit of competitive-driven exercise.

Sadly, the race shut down after the 2015 race. What to do? In 2016, the answer was nothing.

This year I was determined to find a replacement race. And, given that we needed to do 14 miles of speedwork in prep for an upcoming marathon, the Allen New Year’s Eve Half Marathon followed by the Allen New Year’s Day 5k fit the bill.

So what if I had a fever just 30 hours before the race? I needed to do speedwork.

I’ll tell you what’s so what…I did slow work, running my slowest half ever. Apparently fevers and running don’t play nicely together.

Oh well.

And as for that 5k on New Year’s Day? Well…it was cold and raining. So the guys convinced me to sit, in my running clothes, in the car while they ran.

They did really well – John placed first in his age group and Kelly placed second.

And I placed first in the all-important “Did Not Make Oneself Sicker” category. A true victory.


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