The Island of Misfit But Perfectly Suited Toys – Or Redeeming Christmas Dinner

You can’t really blame life for ruining Christmas.

But nevertheless, life events certainly risked ruining Christmas – travel for family funerals meant missing other previously scheduled family events. It is, as they say, what it is.

Our solution? Invite good friends over for a Christmas meal. We split the cooking and had a veritable feast – just as you should on Christmas.

Desserts, in particular, were out.of.control.

What I like about this type of event is that good friends, just like family, understand why you didn’t have energy to put up the Christmas decorations. (Actually…good friends understand that you still have enough love for your cats that you’re able to set aside Christmas festive decor to keep the fuzzballs alive because you’d surely kill them after they tore everything apart.)

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