The Wineglass Marathon

Our first marathon of the 2016-2017 running season was the Wineglass, held in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York at the beginning of October.

We ran it because many of our Galloway friends were going, the scenery featured beautiful fall colors and the weather would be nice and cool.

Here’s the reality check for 2016: At least many of our Galloway friends were there. One out of three is bad, trust me.

This ended up being one of the weirder races we’ve ever run, start to finish, albeit one with some definite bright spots.

Weird thing #1: Our “hotel.” Easily one of the scariest places we’ve ever stayed.


I hardly slept. I wonder why.


Not-weird thing #1: The medal. It was beautiful, made in the Corning Glass Factory.


Weird thing #2: I had a fantastic start and middle race, then unexpectedly fell apart. Later I realized how humid it was and my socks had fallen inside my shoes. I ran 10 miles with terrible blisters and never realized it. No wonder I fell apart. So here’s the weird thing – I was still smiling at the finish line.


Not-weird thing #2: The mini bottles of sparkling wine were a nice tribute to the many wineries in the area. The wine helped soothe a runner’s bruised ego (and sore heels).


Weird thing #3: We flew back with Norm. For reals.


Not-weird thing #3: We enjoyed some of the best post-race food ever. Like beef-on-weck and pretty amazing garlic cheese toast.

(Important note: We didn’t eat these as part of the same meal. We have some standards. Or restraint at least)




All in all, a forgettable race but an unforgettable trip. Sometimes marathons are weird like that way.

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