Wicked Wine Run

Note to self: Never confuse the city of Burleson with the city of Bedford. The difference is about 35 minutes of driving.

But if you do confuse the two, at least know you’re going to spend time with girfriends and your spouse at a race. That’s always ok.


Yes, confusion over location and enthusiasm over friend time led me to register for the Wicked Wine run. It’s also how I convinced Kelly to come, too.

The race was held at a vineyard in Burleson, southeast of Fort Worth. (Faaaaaaaar from home.)


Apparently I also didn’t read well, because it was a trail run. Our first ever.


Trail running was hard. Very hard. I felt like I’d never run before in my life.

Obviously, now I want to do it more because I think it was a great workout.

And, also obviously, Kelly killed his first ever trail run. He was the 3rd guy finisher.


We also did a 1k wine walk through the vineyard afterward. Super fun.


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