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There’s a reason why I keep a 101 list – for summers where we’re so busy that we just want to nap when we have a bit of downtime, it’s a reminder to carve out time to do fun things.

The 101 list was the reason we wrapped up a weekend with friends at Lakewood Brewery. It was on the 101 list and, conveniently, it was on the way out of town making it an easy while-we’re-nearby stop.

Honestly, I’ve about had my fill of the tour part of brewery tours. They’re all about the same – beer is beer – but I do like learning the history of each brewery and you really only get that sort of information on the tour. Plus I think you get good insight into the personalities of each company. We’ve toured metal shacks, dive hipster joints and beautiful marketing-meets-operations buildings.

Lakewood Brewery is a prime example of the latter. The building is beautiful – industrial chic with well crafted marketing messages scattered throughout the public and production spaces.




It was no surprise to learn the founder had started his career in marketing.



What was a surprise was how successful Lakewood has been – this massive building represents the phenomenal growth of a company founded in 2012. And even now, 80% of its beer is sold in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Once can’t help but wonder if this is a beer destined to be sold on a nationwide-level, like a Sam Adams.


Kelly and I like hearing stories of smart business growth, so we loved visiting the original tasting room (now a private rental space) and learning how the brewery started in a converted warehouse. Additional space was added as company growth required and revenue allowed.




And the beer? Quite tasty. We’ve found ordering flights are an excellent way to get an understanding of what is produced without needing to drink a lot of beer. After all, too much of anything is gluttony – and in this case, drunkeness and excess calories. Two things we’re very opposed to.


But Lakewood Brewery? We’re not opposed to it. At all.


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