Halfway Done

Over the Labor Day weekend we hit the halfway mark in our running group’s training season.

How can we be halfway through already? (Cue head shakes about the ever-increasing speed of time passing as we get older.)

Yet at the same time, Kelly and I wonder how we can only be halfway through. Our marathon is very early in the season, which means we’ll have trained for and run our race a full 10 weeks before the running group’s training-for-race is scheduled.

We’re physically exhausted at a level we’re not used to experiencing in September. Naps are a weekend norm, as are visits to see our favorite doctor/torturer for flexibility work on our leg muscles. In an attempt to balance summer travel and work schedules, we’ve drug ourselves out of bed at 2 a.m. on two different weekends to squeeze in a very long training run.

But enough whining.

Distance running comes at a price, but (honestly) it can also be a lot of fun. Why else would we keep on with it?







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