Give Me a Little Sugar – Mexican Sugar, That Is

Sometimes you want to eat at a restaurant because a critic says it’s The Place.

Other times you want to eat at a restaurant because you know the chef and trust the newest venture will be wonderful.

And yet other times you want to eat at a restaurant because it’s a local place and you want local places to do well.

Then there are those times you want to eat at a restaurant for all of the reasons listed above! That’s a big reason I put “Eat at Mexican Sugar” on my 101 list. I have no idea why eating there seemed to be one of those just-wasn’t-happening things. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t happening and that needed to change.

Yet it was a weird thing to go from never eating there to eating there three times in two weeks. Maybe subconsciously I just really really wanted to put an Accomplished Checkmark next to my to do?

Mexican Sugar is another rally great restaurant from one of my favorite local restaurant groups, Frontburner (they own Whiskey Cake). Like all of their other places, they make wonderful cocktails (and mocktails). So much creativity!

The food is fresh and incredibly tasty. On one of my visits, I simply had a plate of guacamole for dinner. It was perfect. I also hosted a dinner party for area local government-types the night before a long run, which meant eating carefully. My salad was wonderful. A perfect blend of protein and carbs – the things runners crave!

And as for Kelly – he loved his first trip (my 4th) and declared his salmon to be “some of the best he’s ever had.”


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