Furry Fun

We had a bit of fun with our annual Clear the Shelter event (it’s held nationwide). The thought was…who doesn’t like cute animal photos?

The answer is: The only people who don’t like animal photos are people without a heart. And they aren’t our target audience.

So to celebrate animals heading to their fur-ever homes, we decided to host a New Family Photobooth.

Of course, to promote the photo sessions, we had to have some pre-adoption event photo sessions. Jasper was a very unwilling participant:


Then my great teammate, Wendy, and I spent the day shooting photos and sharing them on Facebook. (We look cool and collected, but we were actually pretty hot and sweaty.)


The best part? It totally worked. The posts on Facebook went crazy with likes and shares. And lots and lots of animals found a new home:


Like, lots…132 of them in one day!!!


What this says to me, as a marketer, is that you have to meet people where they are. Share information that matters and do it in a fun way so others will participate in the effort.

Now: If you love animals and don’t have a pet at home, consider visiting your local shelter and give something fuzzy a new home!

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