Food Confession

We’re doing an excellent job of eating in more than we’re eating out these days.

We’re just not doing the cooking.

Kelly and I did a little grocery/dining budget analysis in combination with a Hayley energy analysis and discovered it was far more worthwhile to have a chef prepare and deliver weekday meals for us. So that’s what we’ve done.

And it’s wonderful.

I won’t say we’ll do this forever, but for this season of life it’s incredibly helpful. Our chef is also an athlete, so we’re eating healthy calorically-appropriate meals – and we’re not having to worry about when we’ll find time to shop and prep. It’s a great solution for us.

So will I still post on Food Friday? Probably…after all, I have to feed us on the weekends and the freed-up schedule gives me time to do what I really enjoy in the kitchen: Making sweet treats.

One week

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