It’s a Little Plano Everywhere

One of these days I’ll actually be caught up with the goings on in our lives, but until then we soldier on…

Since this blog is for myself as much as it is for anyone else, I didn’t want to forget the It’s a Little Plano madness that swept through North Texas earlier this year.

A random comment by a Real Housewife of Dallas (who, ironically, is not actually married so isn’t a housewife so is she really “Real”? Inquiring minds want to know…) led to a perceived insult against our fair city.

I got a little sassy on Twitter (as the City) and responded with:

How RHOD supercharged Plano engagement

Who would have expected a little Taylor Swift to cause such a kerfuffle? I managed to make it happen long before #TaylorSwiftIsOver exploded this summer. And just as a side note, I like Tay.

But this post isn’t about Taylor Swift – even though I do owe her an incredible debt of gratitude for the perfect song to post in response to a nonsense comment from a very silly reality show.

Taylor, you’re awesome. Thank you.

Because of Taylor, and #marketing, we ended up with a crazy-popular phrase. And a crazy-popular t-shirt:


I mean, my husband even bought one.


We had crazy-popular cups. (And more t-shirts.)


I’ve had writing and speaking engagements.


And stickers.


And fund raisers.


Including time with Housewives.


It even landed me on a list of top national local government influencers. (Number 49 – check it out!)

This has been the weirdest marketing experience of my life, which has its own lesson that I’d be remiss to not mention. You can plan and plan and plan and still not see a golden opportunity coming. You can also not plan and miss a golden opportunity when it comes.

So better to plan and remain agile. You might just get marketing gold.

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