May and June Work Roundup

May and June went by in a flash! (And since it’s nearly the end of the month, it looks like I could say the same for July.)

What all happened in the Fun Work World?

I returned to The Real Estate Council’s Fight Night fundraiser. I hadn’t been in years, but it’s still just as over-the-top and glitzy as I remember:


My (nearly) entire team decided to try out a new-to-use BBQ joint, Winners BBQ. It was epic. And so was this team selfie!


I GOT TO RIDE IN A HOT AIR BALLOON. (I was slightly excited.)


Kelly and I dined out on 15th Street in downtown Plano. Too much food – which is what you’d expect – and just the right amount of very cool vibe.


I got to play with a Virtual Reality headset. Super fun!


And was all smiley for the beam raising at one of our newest office tower’s Topping Out party.


While I was there, I made sure to selfie with some of our council members.

And Mayor Harry, too. He’s the King of Selfies. No lie.


We kicked off website usability studies in preparation for redesigning our website. I seem to love doing redesigns so much that I tackle them every 2-3 years. It’s a sickness.


I met up with some members of my Leadership Plano class. Class 32 is STILL the Best Class Ever.


We hosted our first Coffee with the Mayor meeting for our local businesses.


And 3 hours later, hosted our annual employee picnic. It was also, unfortunately, one of the first days in the upper 90’s. Good times.


And because what doesn’t make for a fun day at work if you don’t follow a morning coffee, lunchtime picnic with an evening Town Hall meeting? It seemed like a good idea when we were planning months before (PS – I changed clothes 3x that day!)…


I brought A Little Plano to a finale watching party to benefit one of our fantastic local charities.


We kicked off a master remodel of our office suite.


And then I headed to the TED Summit for a week.


Just writing all of that makes me want to take a nap.

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