Age is Just a Number – And My Number is 45

What does 45 look like?

It looks a lot like me.

It also doesn’t really seem very different than 44. You see, Kelly’s birthday is the day after mine (happy birthday, love!) so I have 364 days to observe how he handles his age. By the time my birthday arrives, I can comfortably step into a new number to write on the “state your age” line for web forms.

It’s just a number.

But a number can be a reason to celebrate – and since we have birthdays just one day apart, we like to celebrate together. This year, our birthdays included:

  • A nice long run on a surprisingly cooler-than-normal morning with our Dallas Galloway friends.
  • A wonderful dinner at Oak (thank you to the team there who made sure we had a fantastic¬†dinner and an even-more-fantastic¬†experience).
  • A long walk through our neighborhood.
  • An almond croissant at our favorite European bakery and a conversation with the owner. (Making new friends is what it’s all about!)
  • Lots of furbaby fussing.

Our birthdays were low-key but festive. Fun and about our relationship.

45 doesn’t feel so bad. Bring on a new year!

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