Recognizing the Awesome in the Not Awesome

As I’ve shared, dealing with cancer – even a relatively minor bit – isn’t awesome.

If it’s a big deal, it’s things like radiation and chemo. If it’s a minor thing (like mine was), it’s outpatient surgery. (And testing and surgery and testing and thankyouLorditsfinallyallgone!).

But even in the midst of the not-awesome – be it extreme or not extreme – I can promise you that you’ll see plenty of AWESOME.

It looks a lot like:

  • Text messages from friends and coworkers
  • Stories to encourage you from those who’ve experienced the same thing
  • Customized playlists of girl-power songs from coworkers
  • Emails from the only-talk-to-once-in-a-while folks, just to check on me
  • The surprise gift (hmmm…who is it from?) of an electric wine bottle opener (opening anything uses my shoulder)
  • Quiet phone conversations before launching into business calls
  • Facebook messages (because you felt brave enough to write about how you were really feeling deep inside)
  • Notes and prayers from friends who are dealing with far worse versions of the c-word
  • Your husband grabbing bags and doors and piles of laundry and squirming affectionate kitties
  • The gentlest of hugs from friends

I’m often told I’m too much of an optimist. I’m too cheerful. Too eager to see the glass as half-full.

Maybe that’s true.

But in my optimistic, too cheerful, glass half-full world, there’s an abundance of awesome.

And awesome will help you endure with grace and dignity.



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