Resolving a Long Struggle Regarding Housekeeping

I swear it’s not that I’m a messy person – in fact, my work team says that I’m a neatnik (they’re overstating my tidiness, to be honest). I’m also not a lazy person – see my previous post on always having too much to do.

Yet somehow I simply can’t keep our house neat and tidy and clean to my standards.  You read that right: I’m regularly not meeting my own expectations. {sigh}

This has been a source of conflict between Kelly and I for months. Maybe a few years, if I was honest. He listens to me complain about how the house is driving me crazy. Cats are destroying everything. There is (*gasp*) visible dust in places. Good gravy I have to sweep again. And If I Don’t Clean Now When Will I Clean?!

I got so serious about my frustration over keeping the house clean that I made a 101 goal of figuring out a system to keep the house clean.I have a Pinterest board dedicated to cleaning strategies. I’ve printed out at least two spreadsheets with manageable task lists.  (One ticket for the crazy train coming right up, Shannah!)

STILL the house isn’t meeting my expectations.

His response: Let’s get a cleaning service.

My response: That’s a waste of money. We know how to clean. Two perfectly capable human beings should be able to keep this house clean.


I’m proud to report that the Hayleys have, in fact, finally figured out a system to keep the house clean.

We hired a cleaning service.

Yes, Kelly was right all along. For us, it’s not a significant investment of money for a once-a-month deep clean (about what a homeowner pays for weekly mowing services – which was also outsourced a few years ago). But that small amount of money frees up a whole bunch of time and an even greater amount of mental peace.

And if we got rid of Bridget, Oliver and Jasper, the house would stay clean at all times *AND* I could put my cute decorations back out.

I guess we all have to make compromises.

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  1. I got a cleaning service about 18 months ago, and I’ve never looked back – totally worth every cent, as I think you’ll find. I had the same struggle of “I’m just one person with two cats – surely I can keep my house clean??? Why would I pay someone else to do it???” And then I broke down and did it. And it’s awesome. I have a bi-weekly service (every other Wednesday), which makes me focus on tidying around the house between cleanings, and then coming home on Wednesdays to a CLEAN house is quite possibly the best thing ever. I hope you’ll find it’s worth it, too! The peace of mind, the extra time, the “yay” feeling of just having somebody else do it. Yup, yup, yup!

    1. Shannah says: Reply

      Do you think some of it has to do with the cats? I’m thinking yes…they generate so much fluff and chaos. Wouldn’t get rid of them because of it though!

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