I Unpacked a Box

The Hayleys are some tired people.

And I would just like to say THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE.

You know: Pay off the house, work close to home…life slows down and gets a bit easier, right? Right?!?!

So far for us – not so much.

Kelly has declared that THINGS must CHANGE. How exactly, we don’t know, but change was mandated starting immediately. Like last weekend.

Saturday we headed for a quick trip to Waco to celebrate The Niece’s wedding. And that’s all we did.


Sunday we placed flags on graves at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.

I also took a nap. (Can you call 3 hours of sleeping on the couch a nap? I sure hope so.)

And I unpacked a box. Not just any box – it was a box that sat in my parents’ storage unit while we lived overseas before being sent (somewhat unceremoniously, I might add) back with us after the holidays. (Ahem, the 2014 holidays!!) It then sat upstairs in our upstairs “project” room for months before I moved it downstairs in an effort to make myself unpack it. It sat on my coffee table downstairs for at least 3 months until this Sunday, when I finally unpacked it.

I surely get a prize for that. Am I right?

Oh and Monday? We didn’t do anything. Not an-y-thing. Unless you count cooking amazing homemade waffles for breakfast and salmon for lunch.

It’s a start.

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  1. Roland Miranda says: Reply

    what was in the box???

    1. Shannah says: Reply

      Lots of fun things! My college diplomas. Our high school graduation programs. Newspapers Kelly had saved charting the Dallas Mavs championship run. Money I’d brought back from Kenya. Our graduation robes. An empty bottle of maple syrup we’d purchased on our honeymoon. It was a real treasure trove!

  2. Roland Miranda says: Reply

    awww—see that’s a BOX!

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