What Happens After Foundation Repair: Fixing the Sewer Line

Did you know that when you have your foundation repairs that other things break?

Like what? Oh like your tile, drywall and – even worse – your sewer and water lines. UGH.

That’s how I found myself at home while a whole new set of specialists came to repair our sewer line. The whole stay-at-home bit was our latest experiment in the “Reduce Bridget’s stress so she doesn’t have a seizure” efforts. And it worked – she sat at my feet the whole time. Slept most of it, in fact.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say the seizures are an attempt to keep me close to her at all times.


When sewer line – and water line, too – repairs are underway, you shouldn’t be surprised to find your toilet sitting in your garage. Everything is out of whack in the house while they work.


Once again they dig a hole through your foundation. And break things that weren’t broken during the foundation repair. This time, it’s the tile in our water closet. Oh well, I guess we will replace the flooring in there after all.


The amount of dirt removed from such a small space is a little overwhelming. Buckets and buckets of dirt. All sitting outside your house because, you know, you only thought your house couldn’t look like any more of a disaster. THINK AGAIN.


Plus there’s the weirdness of coming home and finding a building permit from your employer on your house. (It’s required for this type of work – it also means that they will inspect the work done. I was careful to make sure I wasn’t home when the inspector came because I don’t want them to know how much of a disaster the home of the lovely lady he/she works with really is.)


And that dirt that’s in buckets in the front yard? It’s only a fraction of the dirt they’re digging up. The crew had to go in through a different part of our exterior foundation wall.


All in all, the work on the sewer line took a full week (7 days) from tile-breaking to toilet-replacing. During that time, I nearly lost my mind from the chaos in the house.

Now I’m living in a house with a disaster of a yard, broken tile and cracked drywall. Call it Living the Dream(All will be fixed in good time as we cash flow renovations!)

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