101 in 1001 List (current)

101 Things in 1001 Days – #3

Aug 27, 2015 – May 24, 2018


1. Visit Glacier National Park
2. Go to First Monday Trade Days in Canton with Kelly
3. Go to the McKinney OktoberfestDone!
4. Stay in a yurt
5. Hike the Cedars Ridge Preserve (Audubon Center)
6. Canoe the Trinity River
7. Bike from home to White Rock Lake
8. Visit the DFW National Cemetery (Texas)Done!
9. Go to Grapevine’s GrapeFest (Sept)
10. Do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail – Part 1 done! Part 2 done!
11. Drive the Natchez Trace


12. Enjoy Paciugo’s Eggnog gelatoDone!
13. Eat at Mexican SugarDone!
14. Eat with Kelly at Whiskey CakeDone!
15. Eat at Smoke
16. Eat an OSK BurgerDone!
17. Visit the Truck Yard (Dallas)
18. Tour 903 brewery (Sherman) Done!
19. Tour Community Beer Company (Dallas)
20. Tour Witherspoon Distillery (Lewisville)
21. Tour Deep Ellum Brewery (Dallas)
22. Tour Firewheel Brewery (Rowlett)
23. Tour Four Corners Brewing Company (Dallas)
24. Tour Intrinsic Brewery and Smokehouse (Garland)
25. Tour Lakewood Brewing Company (Dallas)Done!
26. Tour Martin House Brewing Company (Fort Worth)
27. Tour Peticolas Brewing Company (Dallas)
28. Tour Cedar Creek Brewery (Seven Points near Athens)
29. Eat at a 5-star Dallas restaurant
30. Tour Revolver Brewery (Granbury)
31. Tour Firestone and Robertson Distillery (Fort Worth)
32. Take a sushi class with KellyDone!
33. Take a bartending classDone!
34. Visit three of my bookmarked Yelp businesses each year


35. Hang curtains in the living/dining rooms
36. Get a landscape planDone!
37. Install a sprinkler/irrigation systemDone!
38. Put gutters on the houseDone!
39. Organize books
40. Get a new sewing machineDone!
41. Buy new family room furnitureDone!
42. Buy bikes
43. Buy a new vehicle
44. Figure out a system to keep the house cleanDone!


45. Complete a Yelp 100 challengeDone!
46. Take a hot air balloon rideDone!
47. Go to a roller derby (www.acderby.com)
48. Log 750 geocaching finds
49. Organize running mementos
50. Catch up on scrapbooking
51. Do huck (Swedish) weaving
52. Make my own jewelry Christmas tree
53. Donate old tv Done!
54. Find and use a tailor I like
55. Have my tanzanite and amethyst stones made into something special
56. Celebrate Tami’s wedding Done!
57. Celebrate turning 45Done!


58. Reevaluate our home insurance levels
59. Scream “We’re debt free” live with DaveDone!
60. Take the Legacy Journey class
61. Update our wills


62. Run an international marathon
63. Run a half marathon in three different statesDone!
64. Join the 50 state half marathon club
65. Break 5 hours in a marathon
66. Hire a personal trainer
67. Attend a fitness boot camp
68. Improve my running (speedwork, form, etc)Done!
69. Train at a 10 minute per mile speedwork pace for a season
70. Go to the gym at least once per week
71. Take swim lessons
72. Find a yoga class that fits my schedule and make it a weekly habit


73. Study a book of the Bible twice a year
74. Read two books a year to deepen my devotional life
75. Pick and memorize a theme verse for each year
76. Invest in faith community through relationships not activity
77. Provide the Collin County Juvenile Detention Center with needed supplies


78. Improve my Spanish
79. Read two business/personal development books each year
80. Go technology (internet) free one Saturday or Sunday every month
81. Take two days off each year away from everything to rest and do what I want
82. Stay at a quiet retreat center
83. Write one blog post per week
84. Participate in a NaNoWriMo
85. Attend a TED eventDone!


86. Redecorate my officeDone!
87. Do a personal Pinterest Challenge (make/do something from my Pinterest boards every month)
88. Take a painting class
89. Buy my own domain nameDone!
90. Transfer my blog to WordPressDone!
91. Learn to shoot a gun
92. Create and publish a Hayley favorites cookbook
93. Take a long soak bath once a month
94. Work a big puzzle with Kelly
95. Get a tattoo
96. Get a gel manicureDone!
97. Dye eyebrowsDone!
98. Detail the carsDone!
99. Save $5 for each goal achieved and use the money to bless someone else
100. Blog about each goal achieved
101. Start another 101 (or similar) list

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