Pinteresting Test: Simple Silver Cleaning

I have a necklace that I love – a silver Coptic cross that was gifted to me during my time in Kenya by an m-family in Ethiopia.

It’s unique and every time I wear it I think of both my faith and my time spent in East Africa.

Unfortunately, 17 years later the necklace was pretty tarnished. I still wore it, but it didn’t reflect it’s original beauty.

Then I saw on Pinterest that silver could be cleaned with Windex. Before testing the tip, I did some additional research and found that jewelers had the same recommendation. I felt safe to give it a go.

All that was needed was an old toothbrush, a cleaning cloth or paper towel and Windex.

Thoroughly spray the silver piece with Windex, then scrub with the toothbrush.

Rub dry with the cloth or paper towel – expect gross dirt to rub off. {Ick.}

And the result? Lovely clean silver!

Gosh, I still love this necklace – it’s one of a kind.

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