Catching Up

Being “caught up” is a strange feeling. 

Somewhere beyond the to-do‘s and the someday-I’ll‘s is the land of caught up, and once you arrive you feel a bit bewildered. 
  • Am I allowed to sit and pet a kitty?
  • Can I go to the pool and simply sit in a lounger and read a magazine?
  • Is it ok to be down to just two books in my eternal bedside reading stack?
Yet – here we are, caught up.
We’d been behind because of, truthfully, life in general. A vacation trip to Austin was immediately followed by a week-long visit from a niece. Wrap that together with typical responsibilities that were thrown by the wayside (Iron while on vacation? Heavens no!) and we found ourselves in a big pile of behind.
  • A smoked turkey had defrosted in the fridge and was waiting to be carved (next time I’ll pay a butcher to do that).
  • Ten pairs of trousers needed to be ironed.
  • Six loads of laundry needed to be processed
  • A month’s worth of receipts needed to be entered into our financial records
  • Stacks of documents needed shredding
  • Five months of weekly runs needed to be entered into my shoe mileage tracking spreadsheet
I could go on. It was overwhelming – and that’s not even factoring in what awaited from a week away from the office.
Slowly, but persistently, we plowed through this weekend and by Sunday afternoon had absolutely nothing that had to be done.
How weird.
And wonderful.

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