Fueling at Fuel City

Kelly and I stopped by a local mecca for street tacos – Fuel City, located on the southern edge of downtown Dallas.

Yes, it’s a gas station. It’s also a car wash, a convenience store, a waiting place near the city jail.

And it’s also home to some of the best tacos in Dallas.

Order outside and wait – cash only. There’s always (always) a line. Did I mention they’re open 24/7?

While we waited for our tacos, I grabbed a cup of elote. Corn, butter, spices, cheese, sour cream and hot sauce, layered together to make a cup of additively spicy unhealthy wonderfulness.

Then the tacos…Oh. My. We ordered them traditionally dressed, which means they were topped with cilantro and onions.

Wow. There’s a reason these are rumored to be the best in Dallas!

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