Get in the Game…er…Gym!!

We used to be gym rats – then suddenly we weren’t.

I can give a ton of reasons why this happened: Our gym sold out, the new location wasn’t convenient, I started working downtown, we got a lot of exercise running so the gym wasn’t as useful…

Bottom line: We quit the gym.

Quitting the gym is a funny thing, though. At some point you wonder why you ever quit the gym. It had a pool. It had weight machines. It had fun classes. It had treadmills for the days it was too hot/cold/windy/rainy/humid to run outside.

Most important: You made yourself go when you didn’t feel like going because you were paying a membership fee.

So we rejoined the gym. We knew we needed to do it (101 list even) and my sweet husband wants to do cross-training like his BFF John. It’s a lot easier to swim at the gym pool than in our community pool.

Plus there aren’t ducks swimming and doing who-knows-what in the gym pool. (Hopefully there aren’t people doing who-knows-what either.)

Anyway, hi-ho-hi-ho, it’s back to the gym we go… [insert appropriate on-tune whistling here]

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