It Figures

So as you might be able to tell from the plethora of photos from the past three days, The Boy and I slipped away from home for the long weekend.

It just figures that we’d use our soon-to-expire flight credit from our hurricane-cancelled flight last fall to go to San Antonio…where record rainfall triggered the worst flooding the region had seen since 1998.

Despite roundabout driving to get from the airport to downtown (the highway was underwater), we made it safe and sound to a puddle-filled, but otherwise dry, downtown for three days of rest.

Rest, walking, eating, running, eating and walking some more.

There was also some peacock-admiring, drive-exploring, hot tub-sitting and naps taken.

It was very very good.

And especially good to enjoy it with our very best friends – and to have everyone not only return home as friends, but to also survive three days without a single fight or cross word.

Yes, a good weekend away indeed.

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