Foldy No More

Remember when I treated myself to lovely new riding boots?

I still love those boots. They are a-ma-zing. But the way they’ve been living in my closet is a little less-than-amazing. Behold the foldy boots:

Bridget is way too curious

It was time to do something to prop those babies up, so I turned to Pinterest to find an affordable way to keep them in shape. It turns out the overwhelming recommendation was to use a pool noodle.

Less than $2 got me this:

I used an exacto knife to cut the noodle into smaller pieces (having measured the length that I needed for the boots) and, voila!, I had boot shapers:

Simple, easy and very very cheap. That’s my kind of project!

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  1. Love this idea. Thanks for sharing since I had not seen this yet. I just packed most of my boots away for the season in their boxes but come fall I will be copying your creative suggestion. 😀
    Have a great week.

    1. Same to you! I hope this helps when fall/winter weather returns.

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