Contemplating Hermitdom

The Boy and I spent a lot of time talking last weekend about how busy life can get and how “busy,” while energizing, can also do serious damage.

Consider how busy impacts your ability to:

  • Rest
  • Get “things” done
  • Find balance
  • Stay on top of normal chores
  • Influences desire and motivation

These are definite negative impacts – and we’re both struggling with those issues right now.

The ideal solution seems to adopting a hermit lifestyle for a time. Work and home. Running and home. Necessary shopping and home. Visits with friends to stay sane and home.

But dashing here and there multiple nights a week? Gone.

Doing this and seeing that? On hold.

Hopefully at some point we’ll be able to regain balance to the degree where we can feel in balance without the need to go to extremes.

In the meantime, we’ll be home.

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