I Have Made a Terrible Mistake

The Boy is crazy. Certifiable.

Why do I say that? Because:

Last week he texted our little tribe and said he wished he could run another marathon this weekend. (Note: he just ran a marathon last week…and the week before.)

He said that he felt like “running like crazy.” Of course, we all thought he was just plain crazy.

Or, as one of the tribe noted, he has a “permanent case of runner’s brain.”

I said that there weren’t any marathons nearby and I didn’t want to travel this weekend, so he’d just have to survive running like crazy outside of a race environment.

Coincidentally, later that day I received a local running club promotional email that highlighted this weekend’s running events.

And that’s when I made a terrible mistake.

One of the events was the Irving Inaugural Marathon.

[ Do you remember that I’ve mentioned The Boy likes first-evers? ]

I forwarded the email to The Boy with a “ha ha…look at this…there IS a local marathon and it’s an inaugural event” note.

I will repeat: I made a terrible mistake.

Where do you think I’ll be tomorrow morning? If you said “In Irving, cheering for The Boy as he runs the first-ever Irving Marathon,” you would be right.

Of course, I’ll cheer for him after I finish running the first-ever Irving Half-Marathon.

Birds of a feather and all.

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  1. John says: Reply


    I'd rather run that ride, but I've already committed to a charity ride tomorrow.

    Of course, it's probably going to rain here, which makes me that much more jealous. I don't think I would be able to run another marathon this quickly, but I'm sure I could struggle through a half.


  2. This made me laugh out loud!!!! Can we just say Forrest Gump?

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