The Boy Likes First-Evers

When our friend, J, asked The Boy if he wanted to run the Army Marathon with him over the weekend, The Boy said no.

He was running a marathon the week before, he hadn’t budgeted for another marathon fee (you’d think torturing yourself for 26.2 miles would come at a slightly lower price tag) and it just seemed best to skip the race.

That was fine, replied J. He just thought The Boy might be interested in running it since it was the Inaugural Army Marathon.

Wow, does J know The Boy or what. He had him at “inaugural.”

The Boy loves to run first-ever races – actually, he likes to run first-ever races and then continue running them so he can stay on a “has run every year” list. That’s why he keeps running the Tyler Rose Marathon despite yearly epic failures by the race organizers.

And that’s why money was found in the budget and the Hayleys found themselves in Killeen, Texas (next to Fort Hood) so The Boy could run his second marathon in an eight day stretch.

He decided it would be wiser to serve as J’s pacer than to push himself for a possible fast race.

So he stuck with that plan, and J stuck with him, for the entire race.

They had a great race – for the second marathon in a row, The Boy paced J to a personal best. In my opinion, they both are pretty awesome.

And, of course, because it was the first ever you can be sure that we’ll be in Killeen next year for the second annual Army Marathon.

Because that’s how The Boy rolls…er, runs.

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