My World is Flat(ter)

My broken foot last summer taught me something. And it wasn’t that I look awesome with an ortho boot on.

It’s this: I can’t really wear heels as a daily public transport commuter. The car-to-train-to-office-to-train-to-car hike kills my feet if I’m wearing a traditional heel.

{And there was great sadness in the land.}

So I cleared out all of my high heels – I tried to give them to Baby Sister but she doesn’t wear my size. I suppose I’ll sell them to recoup some of my investment.

Of course, I saved some heels for fancy-pancy parties. But no more every day heels. The heels section of my closet now looks like this:

{And there was even greater sadness in the land.}

HOWEVER…I did some research and learned that I’m not confined to sensible shoes for the rest of my life.

There are fun flats to buy (duh). I can also rock awesome no/low heel boots. Or I can rise up a bit on stacked heels, kitten heels or wedges.

{And the angels rejoiced.}

So now starts the fun part…slowly rebuilding my shoe wardrobe with Shannah foot approved fashionable (safe) options.


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