Wot’s this about? Eating Ethiopian

I wanted to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant.

I haven’t eaten at an Ethiopian food since I lived in Kenya in the mid-1990s. It was high time to see if it was 1) as good as I remembered and 2) support a local family trying to make a living.

So I gathered Random Cathy and Honestly Jules and off we headed to Addis Ababa for a girls’ night out/Ethiopian eating party.

How lucky am I to have such adventurous friends?

We (we being those of us who aren’t vegan) started with steak tartar. Yummy, but spicier than expected. I loved it. My friend didn’t care for the chili spice flavor.

Then we all ordered the vegetable combo plate – we each selected slightly different vegetable dishes. All of them, however, were good.

The food is served atop a spongy bread, injera. The injera is both your serving platter and your eating utensil.

The food was just as good as I’d remembered – the spinach and cabbage dishes were particularly wonderful. Now I need to bring The Boy with me…I know he’s going to love it!

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  1. Coincidentally, I had Ethiopian in Nairobi last night. Ours was good, too.

    1. Such.Good.Food.

      The Allens-Hayleys need to stop copying each other. First running, now Ethiopian food!

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