Simple Pleasures

This weekend was super-great, and I think it’s because we focused on simple pleasures.

Things like:

  • Great training runs
  • Good home-prepared meals
  • Light house cleaning
  • Walked to an ice cream shop to enjoy a banana split for two.
  • Washing the cars in the 80F sunshine
  • Removing the bits and bobs of stains from an unfortunate agave spill (more on that another day) and (another) fall by The Boy
  • Baking yummy treats
  • Worship
  • A really fun trolley party with friends/coworkers

What did you do to enjoy the weekend?

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  1. Trolly party sounds really cool! Especially this weekend when the weather was so great.

    1. It was perfect weather – and so much energy in Uptown because of St Patrick's Day festivities.

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