My Current Addiction: Grilled Hummus Sandwiches

I’ve taught you how to make smooth, creamy hummus.

Now I’m going to tell you about a wonderful way to eat it…break away from the pita chips and carrot dippers. This is much better.

It’s so good I ate it two days in a row for lunch and would have had it for a third day if I didn’t need the protein from peanut butter in preparation for a training run.

(Wow. That’s a long sentence. Not.Editing.It.)

Ok…magic follows.

Grab the following:

  • Two pieces of bread
  • Your favorite cheese (I used provolone)
  • Hummus.
  • Fresh spinach

Then – since you want to be healthy – instead of grilling this, you’re going to follow Shannah’s faux-grilling process (carefully developed when I was a latch-key kid and wasn’t allowed to make a real grilled cheese sandwich while I was alone at home after school).

  1. Toast the bread
  2. Place cheese on one piece of toasted bread
  3. Spread hummus on top of cheese
  4. Add spinach
  5. Top with second piece of toasted bread
  6. Microwave for 20 seconds
  7. Enjoy

You know, this would probably be good with pesto…sounds like I’ve got lunch planned for at least two days next week.

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