Who You Gonna Call?

Life is all about choices.

So when you walk into what is normally a perfectly pleasant room in your house and are overwhelmed with the scent of death, you get to exercise your right to make choices.

You can:

  1. Call your husband and ask him to sniff around. Helpful in confirming said death-smell. Not so helpful in making the smell stop.
  2. Crawl in the attic to look for dead animals. Yeah right – you aren’t going to do that.
  3. Google and learn that there are companies that will crawl in the attic to look for (and dispose of) dead animals for you.

I think it’s pretty clear what happened in the Hayley house over the weekend and what choice I made (technically choices – #1 and #3).

I speak from personal experience that you will feel a great deal of relief when the animal control specialists shout from the attic:


You, however, will not feel that same level of relief when they then share:

Yeah, you’ve got rats in the attic.

No relief what-so-ever.

It doesn’t even make you feel good to learn that 90% of the homes in your area have rats in the attic. Aren’t we better than normal? Immune to rodents in the insulation?

Apparently not.

And that’s why we have happily paid our animal control specialists to seal our house and trap every last one of those suckers, er, rodents. I would have asked the furbabies to assist, but I think it’s pretty clear that they are absolutely useless.

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