Secret: How to Make Creamy Hummus

Let’s just be clear: I make amazing hummus.
Even so, I thought I could do an even better job of making my hummus smooth and creamy, similar to what you can get freshly made at a Mediterranean restaurant.
Want to know the secret to smooth and creamy hummus? Simple: Remove the skins.
Removing the skins is a simple process. Place the chickpeas in a bowl of water and gently rub them between your hands. The skins will pop off and float to the top.

Do this several times and you’ll get most of the skins off in about 3-4 minutes of work.

Then make your hummus the way you normally would. If you need a great recipe, use mine. (Humble, aren’t I?!?)

End result – smooth, smooth, smooth.


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  1. Julie says: Reply

    I'll believe it when I taste it. (hint, hint)

    1. I have it with me here at work today…

  2. John says: Reply

    It really is amazing.

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