Doing With Less to Have More

It’s funny how to have more, you have to do with less.

For example:

  • To have more time, you need to do less.
  • To have more money, you need to spend less.
  • To have more harmony, you need to fight less.
  • To have more confidence, you need to worry less.

And, if you are lucky enough to work for a company that offers an HSA (Health Savings Account), in order to have more more money saved for medical needs, you need to accept less money in your paycheck.

Of course you can contribute to an HSA by writing a check, but a wise person contributes primarily through payroll deductions – reducing one’s overall annual federal tax burden.

For the record: The Boy and I are wise people.

That’s why I finally got around to calculating my appropriate contribution and authorized our accounting group to make the regular payroll deduction.

Short term cash loss. Long term financial security. It’s a good trade-off.

It’s also another 101 item done.

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