Making a Good Thing Even Better: Bananas Foster Cheesecake

The Boy and I went to a restaurant the other day and had a gi-normous meal.

The story behind the story is that we had a gift certificate that was over a year old, so we decided to order a lot and have a meal there and a meal at home with the leftovers.

Frugal=us=truuuuuue love

Anyway, we were tempted into dessert with the description of a “bananas foster cheesecake.”

When it arrived, we realized the dessert name was obviously a slight upsell. The cheesecake was one giant slice, cut in half, topped with chopped bananas, candied pecans and chocolate sauce.

The last time I checked, bananas foster involves liquor and flames. Neither was present in our dessert.

Now that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. It was. But it wasn’t bananas foster.

Because we took half of the dessert home, I was determined to make a proper bananas foster cheesecake dessert for the second time around.

I grabbed my ingredients:

  • Cheesecake
  • Brown sugar (not pictured)
  • Whiskey
  • Banana
  • Fire extinguisher (better safe than sorry when I’m in the kitchen!!)

I sliced the bananas. I topped the slices with brown sugar:

Then splashed on a small amount of whiskey:

Then, with The Boy’s help, I set the whole mixture on fire. He stirred, while I held the torch, then the fire extinguisher:

When the flame burned out, we poured the mixture over our leftover cheesecake.

The result? A-ma-zing.

Now this is Bananas Foster Cheesecake:

Consider yourself schooled.

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