Pantry Purge: Too Much Vinegar (And I’m Not Talking Sass)

I’m just going to apologize in advance. One time – that’s it. Unless I forget and apologize again later. But that won’t count between friends, right?


I am very sorry for all of the food posts I’m about to drop on you. You might think all I’m doing anymore is cooking, but that is definitely not true. I’ve just been working through the pantry and cooking like mad on the weekends.

And some of the kitchen madness has resulted in pure genius.

I simply feel the need to share. It’s somewhat of a moral obligation, to be honest.

You’re welcome.

Back to my pantry: I was pretty horrified to discover three types of balsamic vinegars in the pantry. Yes, three.

  • Pomegranate balsamic vinegar
  • Raspberry balsamic vinegar
  • “Regular” balsamic vinegar

You can go on and on about how vinegars last forever and I should hold on to them and blah blah blah.

Listen. I had three types of balsamic vinegar in my pantry. They’d been there for some time. It was time to move from holding on to letting go.

I put the “regular” balsamic vinegar back in the pantry to keep as a staple. The rest I decided to reduce to a thicker more syrupy and usable product.

To reduce vinegar, you simply put about four times the vinegar you want to have in the end in a saucepan and boil. You may want to warn your spouse what you are about to do. The vinegar gets a little air-acidy. Eye-stingy and all.

Then again, you may want that part to be a spousal surprise. It depends on how things are going maritally at the moment.


Into the pan went the pomegranate balsamic vinegar.

Into another pan when the raspberry balsamic vinegar.

I brought the vinegar to a boil, then simmered on a low bubble for 5 minutes.

I poured the reduced vinegars into containers which, as it turned out, I only used to store the vinegar in for about four hours before using it all up.


You know I’ll blog about using it up later, right?

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