Maybe It’s Time to Go on a Diet…Maybe

The Boy’s been frustrated lately with phones. Smart phones, to be precise.

After a car cut us off the other day and he noticed the driver was on the phone, he exclaimed:

Cell phones and smart phones haven’t made us better.
They’ve made us worse drivers and disconnected people.
You can have four people in a room and no one is looking at each other.


Probably true for laptops, tablets and the like.

I’ve thought about (and even gave myself a 101 goal to force the issue) going on a different kind of diet. A low-comm diet. Low comm = low communication.

It would look something like this:

  • Check Facebook once a day.
  • Check Twitter once or twice a day.
  • Check personal email once a day.
  • Go laptop/iPhone free in the evening, maybe even for a weekend.
  • Go to dinner without my iPhone.
  • Don’t respond instantly to emails.
  • Check email on a scheduled basis rather than having my email open all the time.

It’s strange to say, but even contemplating such a diet is a little frightening.

That’s probably a sign that I need to do it. Someday.


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  1. A great idea! I'm … uh … not sure I have the willpower. ::::::: 🙁

    1. Baby steps….

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