Filled to the Tip Top and Flowing Over

…that was my schedule last week.

It’s amazing I’m still standing, let alone not laying down with a cold compress over my eyes, having a case of the vapors.

{Having the vapors just sounds so lady-like. I love that phrase. Moving on.}

Here’s what a too-full schedule looks like. Feel free to share your personal madness! Misery loves company.

Proposal deadline, major newspaper interview, basketball game (wish the tickets had sold)

It’s snowing (?!?!), Proposal deadline, meeting #1, meeting #2, meeting #3, run downstairs and sell the Wednesday basketball game tickets, frantic call to say rats-husband-will-you-stop-at-the-grocery-store-we’re-out-of-eggs, cancel evening meeting because snow is snarling traffic from downtown, fall asleep on the couch and wake up at 11:30 pm

The Boy’s surgical pins are removed {HOORAY!!!!}, start work on Friday deadline, head home to continue working on Friday deadline, fall asleep on the couch and wake up at 1 am

Work on Friday deadline (work work work), baby shower after work, get home late and continue working on Friday deadline, remember that family will be arriving the next day, fall asleep on the couch and wake up at 2 am. Resolve to stop snuggling with The Boy on the couch in the evening.

Meeting #1 (about proposal deadline), drive like a madwoman to pick up a wedding gift, proposal deadline, meeting #2, meeting #3. Realize you’re nearly out of gas when the car no longer will calculate how many miles to empty. Look for gas stations on the drive home. The Boy gets home. Most of family arrives. Still driving home. Stop at grocery store, answer the phone and learn that children are sta-rv-ing!, shop faster. Get home. Cook dinner, hug children, hug parents, realize that you didn’t buy milk. Pour juice all around. Realize that family member who hasn’t arrived has all of the jammies and special blankets. Watch Bambi to stave off exhausted temper tantrums until remaining family – and jammies and special blankets – arrive.

Family wedding!


That, my friends, was an overfull week. I will likely not accomplish anything in this reasonably paced week because I am forced to function without a constant stream of adrenaline. What’s a girl to do?

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